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Colored Rattan Stick Diffuser (Lace)

Colored Rattan Stick Diffuser (Lace)
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Colored Rattan Stick Diffuser (Lace)
Reference : RGD02
The models of rattan diffuser combine the efficiency of a soft diffusion with the aesthetic of a simple vase with 10 different fragrances to choose. The rattan sticks spread over several weeks.
- Cotton Dream
- Iris
- Rose Garden
- Linen
- Ginseng Green Tea
- Under the Fig Tree
- Amber
- Sandalwood
- West Wind
- White Musk
Capacity: 100ml
Dimensions: 100x65mm
Duration> 8 weeks
Sold with 10 rattan sticks, including 6 colored to choose : blue, green, pink, black, brown and fuchsia.
Choose the color of your rattan sticks :
15.0015.00 EUR